Like Father, Like Daughter

First, a little background: When Chris was a little boy his Dad was the President of Snow College in Ephraim and their family lived on campus for a while. Chris and his brother, Rich, who is just a couple years older, used to go to the student center for ice cream. Sounds normal, right? No, these were sneaky little boys. They would take enough money for one ice cream, make their purchase and proceed to the front of the student center where Richard would enjoy his ice cream and Chris would turn on the tears. Eventually someone would ask him what was wrong and Chris would explain that his awful brother had stolen his ice cream cone and wouldn't share, or that he had dropped his ice cream, or some other made up sob story. It worked every time and some poor, struggling college student would spend their hard earned money on an ice cream for Chris. Chris would eat a little, pass it to Rich, and start over. Who knows how long they got away with this and how many generous young people they duped. I'm surprised no one posted their pictures all over the student center with a warning not to buy them ice cream no matter how sad the story might seem. My kids love hearing this story and often ask for it to be retold.

Fast forward to tonight: We went to the Thanksgiving Point Deli and Max brought his own money for an ice cream sundae. We warned him that even though it was his own money he needed to be prepared to share. He was actually quite willing and made sure Abby was right there with him to dig in as it was served. However, they both wanted the cherry on top and I explained that since Max did buy it himself he should be the one to have it (mental note to self: be sure to ask for 2 cherries next time). Abby started crying and stormed off saying she wasn't ever coming back (those of you who know her well are shocked, I'm sure). We debated wether to go after her and decided to let her get over it on her own. Within minutes she came bouncing back with a huge grin on her face and her very own ice cream sundae! It was smaller than Max's but it was her own! When we asked her how she got it she said she asked for it and said "please" and "thank you". We grilled her about how she paid for it and if they asked her for money and she kept repeating that she just said "please" (giggle, giggle). I immediately sent Chris over to pay for it and the cute girl behind the counter wouldn't let him saying it was her treat. It didn't help that Chris' parents and oldest brother were with us to bring up the obvious similarities and we all had a good laugh!

One of those moments you seriously wish you had your camera.

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Mike & Nicole said...

Congratulations on having a boy! That is awesome! I bet Max is thrilled to have a little brother. Oh, and I love the ice cream story... classic!