The Little Gymnast

With all these pictures of Max doing plays you may wonder what Abby has been up to in her free time. Well, her chosen activity this past year has been gymnastics. This thrilled me, of course, because gymnastics was my thing as a little girl. My world revolved around it and, to this day, relatives tell stories of me flipping around the park or off furniture and scaring them all. But, enough about me (What? It's not all about me?). Abby did great and really progressed a lot. I hope she decides to do it again next Fall, but I think she's pretty set on Tae Kwon Do (which is great, too). Anyway, She took classes at All American Gymnastics, which is where I would train and compete when I spent the summers in Utah with my dad. Some of the coaches are still the same and some of them are kids I had class with! Crazy! These pictures were taken at her last class before summer and I love how serious she is trying to be for the camera. It reminds me of me when I was little. Every class was an Olympic competition... even if I was just doing a somersault! Forgive the blur... the lighting was really bad and I couldn't use my flash... some silly rule about blinding flying gymnasts.
Doing a backbend during warmups.
Just look at those straight arms and (almost straight) legs!

Cartwheel. I'm totally impressed with how well she does these...
on the left and the right!
Last September she could barely get those legs over.

Abby patiently waiting her turn.
And what a cool photo, if I do say so myself!

Vaulting away! I hated vault... I was afraid of it.
Not Abby, she ran right for it and flew on over!

Balance beam... she informed me this was a passe kick.
So cute how she uses the technical terms.

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DramaMomma said...

Boy does that bring back memories of our kids taking gymnastics together. Oh, and swimming lessons. I miss those time and we miss you guys. I hope we can see you in June when you come out.