Funny Girl

Afton is really funny! Lately she has realized this and it's fun to see her do things on purpose just to get the laugh. We love having her around and she keeps us all laughing on a daily basis! Here's my proof:

The other day when it was time to go pick the kids up at school, I asked her to get her shoes on while I ran some things to the car. When I came back in from the garage this is how she greeted me. What a Cutie!

One night at dinner Chris asked Afton how a piggy eats. This is not a game we normally play so we were shocked when she put the entire bowl up in her face without even hesitating. Of course, we were laughing so hard that she did it over and over allowing me to get the perfect pictures of her cute little face!

There are also things she does that SHE thinks are funny, but others don't. For example, she likes to scare the dog while she's sleeping... the dog does not think this is funny. She also likes to run away, laughing, while you are trying to dress her or change her diaper... Chris and I are not very amused by this new game. There are also the things that are funny, especially to Max and Abby, but we shouldn't laugh at... fake burping, throwing things, etc. But hey, at least we get to laugh a lot!

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