My brother Sam and his "youtube" addiction

A little background for you... I am the oldest child of seven. After me came 5 boys and they are all nuts! My cute little sister was born a week after my 18th birthday. Anyway, as I was saying, they are all nuts, literally crazy! I guess that's what happens when there is a big spread in ages, the older ones are a bad influence on those little guys. It's a miracle to me that they are still alive.

So, my brother Sam opened a youtube account, like, 3 days ago and he has already posted a ton of cool stuff... well, cool to me, maybe cool to you. They are of my brothers doing CRAZY things! There is a link in my family and friends column that can get you to them. It is called Sam's "youtube" videos. Seriously, go check them out! They are all short so they won't take much of your time and they will make you laugh (and maybe feel a little sorry for me and understand my pain a little better). My favorites are the trampoline one and all the exploding things...yes, I said exploding.

You see, you probably get together with your family for holidays and enjoy a nice afternoon, maybe a good meal or short spiritual program, with the people you love... we blow things up. Seriously...check it out.


Mike & Nicole said...

Those are so funny! I can't believe how little they are in the trampoline clip! Sam needs to bring that exploding devise to the next family gathering:)

scrapnchat said...

Katie-This is Heather Canedy-remember me? I used to scrap at Memories....I saw your name on Candice's blog...she scraps with me at the Red Bee now....email me!!! canedy@pacbell.net.....I was just talking about you recently to Samantha who used to work at Memories...you look great! Can't believe you are working on your fourth! I knew you weren't done yet.... :) Heather

Mike & Nicole said...

Sorry to leave another comment, but I tagged you:) Check out my blog for details.