Dance War!! (2/4/08)

In February Chris and I flew down to LA to watch our nephew, Zack, compete on the reality TV Show "Dance War".  We happened to be there on his birthday as well.  It was a blast to watch the show live and to celebrate with him and a whole bunch of friends and family after the show. His girlfriend, Julianne Hough, even flew in from Nashville to surprise him! Afterwards we went to dinner at the same restaurant the cast was at.  Zack couldn't sit with us or visit much but it was fun to be together on his special day.  Happy Birthday Zack!!  

Oh yeah...Zack's team ended up winning "Dance War"!  He totally deserved it and we are really proud of his accomplishment.  Way to go Zack and good luck with whatever comes next!!

(Special thanks to my mom for driving all over LA and watching Afton during the taping, and to Chris' parents and my Dad and Wendy for helping out with the kids at home!)

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Molly said...

Hello Katie! What beautiful picures! Zack and Julianne look so happy. I'm glad to hear that they got back together. Will there be a wedding this year? They make a gorgeous couple.

I found a link to your blog last night on the Dancing With the Stars Message boards. It was in a "Julianne & Adam" thread. Anyway, I'm glad that I found this blog because I hated to see you stop posting on the Dance War & DWTS boards.

Best wishes to Julianne and Zack!