Superstar! (3/25-28/08)

Warning:Seriously Proud Mom Bragging Ahead!

Max participates in a musical theater class in Orem called Scera Youth Theater. They are divided by age and learn singing, acting and dancing and put on 2 little shows and 1 "big" show each year. This year Max's class did Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, a short version written especially for kids to perform. After auditioning last January Max was thrilled to be cast as Charlie. He was so excited and worked really hard to learn his lines and songs. Being the non- stage mom that I try to force myself to be (heehee), I did not attend a single rehearsal (aren't you proud of me?). When opening night arrived our expectations weren't too high, I mean, it is children's theater. We were absolutely amazed with the final product. Max was awesome!! Seriously! He sang a few solos, had tons of lines, and performed at a level that we had never seen. I was so proud to watch him. He has grown so much and really worked hard to develop a talent that he really loves and has had a wonderful time doing it. The rest of the cast was great as well. Special thanks to our friend, Julie Mortimer, for directing such a great show and for giving Max a chance! Also, thank you to the friends and family who came and supported him, it really meant a lot for him to have you all there. Now, excuse all the pictures (you wouldn't believe how many I actually took!), but I couldn't narrow it down. Could you? I mean, look how cute he is!


Bubba & Tara said...

I love your blah blah...sometimes it is just good to let everyone know you check your blog ever once in a white. I am glad you found mine..so how to I link you to mine? I am jelious of all you pregos! I wish I had the guts to do it one more time....but well with scouts and all????? Ha HA1

Bubba & Tara said...

Hey how do I find your blog address?