Ode to the Binky (2/24/08)

Afton LOVES her Binky!  Quite frankly, so do I.  I can't even tell you how many we have been through since she was born...it seems like we are always losing them and buying more.  But, they help her sleep, keep her quiet in the car, and she even has fun playing with them (see picture).  She even says  "Binky?" with both hands out when she's asking for it and if I ask her where it is she squats and looks all over the place.  It's really cute.  What's even cuter is her smile and little celebration when she finds it! I know the day is fast approaching that we are going to have to give it up, but for now it is a prized possession for both of us!

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Chris said...

Since "Ode to the Binky" was already taken, here's "Haiku for a Binky"

Where is my binky?
Has it got dog hair on it?
Sleep will be futile.