Signs of Spring

Mother Nature has been very...well, I hate to say mean, but for a California girl like me this spring has been torture. I guess Mother Nature has just been having a good time messing with my head! And it's working. Not only was it an unusually cold and snowy winter, but now that we're expecting warmer weather we get snow or sunshine with bitter cold wind. Torture I say! But we did have the most beautiful weekend so I had to post proof that spring may actually be here soon. On Saturday Chris and the kids spent the day riding bikes, Sunday we had a BBQ at the Webb's, and then enjoyed our yard...riding bikes and eating popsicles. Monday was awesome! We're talking high 70's...I wore capris, the kids wore tee-shirts, we walked around BYU and got ice cream and the kids swam in the afternoon. Afton even wore a sundress and we BBQ'd our dinner. It really was beautiful. Of course, by the time we went to sleep the wind was howling outside and it snowed on Tuesday (that would be April 15th!!!). Like I said...TORTURE! Today is a little better, the sun is shining and the wind isn't quite as bone chilling. So, I decided to post my proof that spring is actually coming so that next time Mother Nature decides to play a little trick on me I can come look at these and feel better! It's supposed to be really cold this weekend so I'm glad we're headed South to enjoy some real Spring Break Sunshine! (P.S. It's been a few hours since I posted this but I just had to let you know that the kids just got back from the park...they were all bundled up but came home frozen. They are currently enjoying hot chocolate and curled up with blankets to watch a movie! Did I mention it's April? And spring break? Come on!!)

The kids absolutely love to ride their bikes. Chris just took off Abby's training wheels and they have been working hard the last couple days to learn how to ride without them. Oh, and Max always wears a helmet, but we actually posed him for this picture so we didn't worry about it...just didn't want you all to think I was a bad mom!

Nothing says warm weather like enjoying Popsicles outside in the sun!

Max and Abby were so excited to go swim that they sat out on the curb for at least 30 minutes waiting to be picked up. (Thanks for taking them, Aunt Karen)

I've been waiting forever to pull out the cute summer dresses... doesn't Afton look adorable? Chris is pretty much the best BBQer I know...I crave it all winter.

Chris and Max soakin' up the sun.


Mike & Nicole said...

Yeah for blogging! We have one too, I just started it back in January and it has been a lot of fun. It's such a great way to keep in touch. Welcome to the blogging world!

mblyman said...


Great Blog. Chris pointed me to it and I've linked you from our blog at lymanuniverse.com

Enjoy your vacation... Can't wait to hear about it!

Stowe Family said...

Yeah, I've been excited for the warmer weather too! I was out on a run yesterday, it looked totally nice out. And it starting snowing on the way home, It was freezing!!!

crush said...

Hey Katie, I didn't even know you guys had a blog! I saw your link on the Stowe's blog. Anyway, nice announcement at the top of your blog! CONGRATS!!!!! That is awesome! I love your blog and your kids are so cute!

snowflake765 said...

Thanks for telling me about the blog Katie. It's fun to see the pics of your family. I love the family photo at the top.

JJ said...

Oops, didn't realize I was signed in as Maunia :-)