Practically Perfect (4/3/08)

Afton is practically perfect. People say it to us all the time and Chris and I actually, sort of, agree. She has definitely been my easiest baby and is truly a joy to have around. However, so you all don't think that being her mother is all fun and games, I decided to post evidence of the mischief she can cause. I also thought I would share some of her "less than perfect" habits...

*She loves to play in and put things in toilets (blankets, toys, etc).
*She enjoys throwing her toys down the stairs.
*She colors on everything: walls, the fireplace mantle, and the kitchen tile (her favorite). She's not a big fan of paper though.
*She climbs into the dishwasher.
*She likes to flip over her "no-drip" sippy cup and make it drip everywhere.
*She asks for crackers just so she can crumble them up.
*She "shares" food with the dog.
*She pushes the computer keyboard tray in (hard and fast) and yells "all done!"
*She unfolds laundry faster than I can fold it.
*She cleans out under the bathroom sink while I take a shower.
*She throws dog food into the water bowl and down the vent.

On this day she found the bag of Pops that Abby so kindly left within her reach and dumped it all over the floor. But look at that face... how on earth can you get mad at that? So, I guess...yeah, she's perfect.

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JayandLesaThompsonfamily said...

I am sooo glad to see that elliette isnt the only messy girl in town. It's hard to keep up w/thrm. Congrats on #4. looks like we will be going through this together again. I hope we make it????