Spring Break at Zion Ponderosa- Day #3

Last day of our Spring Break adventure. We got up early, packed a little and then went to breakfast at the lodge. Everyone wanted to do the zip line and climbing wall one more time before we had to leave so while I finished packing and loading the car they did just that. I took a total of 73 pictures today, up from yeaterday but definitely not as bad as day #1. Enjoy!

I didn't go take pictures because I got enough the first day, but I wanted to get one of Max on the rock wall so I took this from our cabin with my telephoto lens... not too bad! That's Max on the left and Chris on the right.

Our final adventure on the ranch was four wheeling. Max couldn't have been more thrilled and loved every second of it. Although Abby looks really cute driving that car, she is actually sobbing because she is not big enough to drive a four wheeler. Chris said she literally screamed the whole time that she "just wants to drive a four wheeler!"

We decided to go back to Zion for the bus tour and a little hiking. We took the obligatory "family in front of Zion sign" and whole bunch more. I'll spare you the 14 pictures of scenery, but you have to look at all these cute pics of my family!

A hiking we will go! The kids were so excited to go for a real hike. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was gorgeous.

This is what Afton thought of our hike until we let her out. I think she had just had enough of her stroller. I'm glad we let her walk though... she loved it!

I love this picture... it just makes me happy. I think I am going to change it to black and white, blow it up and frame it so I can remember how peaceful and happy my kids can be.

My adorable little girls and super cool son. Could there be any cuter kids?

The kids loved exploring. Abby, of course, wanted to take everything she found home with us.

Chris, describing the beauties of nature to little Afton.

Well, that's it! Our beautiful vacation in Zion has come to an end. After this we got in the car and drove home, took baths and prepped for school and work the next day. It's not so fun returning to reality, but we had a great time and crammed so much into 3 days that it felt like a week!


Mike & Nicole said...

What a fun trip! I have never heard of that ranch, but it looks like a lot of fun. I can't believe how big Afton is getting... has it been that long since we have seen you guys?

Katie said...

It's nice to meet you! It's fun that there is someone living a similar life in this crazy world! :o)