The coldest Easter Egg Hunt EVER!! (3/22/08)

This was seriously one of those days that you wish you'd never left California! It didn't help that Easter was early this year. The sun was shining so we didn't bundle up too much, but once we stepped outside...Holy Cow!... It was literally freezing cold. We went anyway, did the hunt super fast, grabbed a donut and ran home. No visiting with the neighbors for us and definitely not a lot of pictures. Poor Afton was literally miserable and had little tears streaming down her face the whole time. Including the walk to and from the park I think we were only actually outside for 30 minutes but we were frozen to the bone by the time we got home. We all put our warm jammies back on and curled up with blankets to thaw out.

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Bubba & Tara said...

I am glad to see we have similar pictures FROZEN kids. In where I am from, San Diego< on Easter we wear cute sun dresses and sun glasses on easter, here parkas!