Coloring Eggs (3/22/08)

In our home we LOVE to color Easter Eggs. We always do it on the Saturday night before Easter and the kids go nuts being as creative as they can possibly be. They love to mix colors, make difficult designs, and try to come up with an idea that's never been done before. This year they even tried to make camouflage eggs...it was quite challenging, but they worked at it until they got it. 
This was the first year Afton helped color eggs. She had a blast and her face when the colored eggs came out of the cups was priceless. Her favorite thing to do was dip the egg in the vinegar solution and then suck it off the egg.  She would have done it the whole time if we had let her.  

My favorite part about this tradition is that for about an hour the kids are enjoying each other and having a great time using their creativity (translation: mom enjoys the peace and quiet and the opportunity to take cute pictures!)

In the end we had 2 dozen beautiful eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide for us. Good Job Kids (and Chris).

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