AHS Spelling Champ- Almost! (1/29/08)

Max had the opportunity to participate in the All School Spelling Bee again this year. It starts in the classroom with a written spelling test, the top ten scores then compete in a classroom spelling bee and the 1st place winner goes to the school spelling bee.  Max studied very hard in preparation for the big day.  Things went pretty much the same as last year:  he was calm and cool, got 4th place, was the youngest left, and he was a very good sport (which is what makes me the most proud).  The word that did him in? FURLOUGH, which he spelled FURLOW (As a side note, when I called my mom-whom I consider to be a very intelligent woman- she spelled it the same way). You can bet that he will never spell that wrong again!

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Chris said...

You R.O.C.K. Max!