Easter Sunday (3/23/08)

What a great day. For starters, we had Cassidy with us, which is a rare treat. First thing in the morning we had our little family egg hunt. At our house the Easter Bunny leaves clues on each egg leading to the next egg and eventually, hopefully, to a basket full of goodies. Each kid has their own trail to follow and it usually ends up as a race to see who finishes first. Afton even joined in the fun with the help of her dad. She enjoyed looking for and finding the eggs, but didn't want to pick them up! Once we found the baskets it was all we could do to get her to stop eating the candy... she couldn't have been more thrilled with her treasure! After that Chris made the most yummy breakfast ever! We had crepes with strawberries, peaches, or lemon. So good! At church Chris and I had the opportunity to sing with the choir and speak. At first I was bugged that we had to speak on a holiday (you know, you're busy trying to get everything ready, find the perfect Easter clothes, shoes, etc, buy groceries for breakfast and dinner AND I was in charge of the Blue and Gold Banquet 2 nights before, in addition to the regular kids activities...and you want me to prepare a talk too?...give a girl a break!), but when you have the opportunity to really study and think about the atonement and the resurrection for the week it really makes Easter special.  In the end I was extremely grateful for the opportunity and the spirit it brought to my day. After church we destroyed our beautifully decorated Easter eggs to make 2 dozen deviled eggs and raced to Lindon to have dinner with my family. Everyone was there, the meal was delicious, and we even had the opportunity to talk to my brother, Joel, serving all the way over in Afghanistan. After that we were off to the Higbee's for dessert, visiting and 1 more egg hunt. The older cousins did a great job hiding the eggs for the younger cousins and Afton finally figured out what the whole thing was about...find egg, pick it up and put it in basket (pause to smile at mom with the camera), eat lots of candy! It was seriously a day to remember...one filled with the spirit, family we love, and lots of good food and candy. Seriously what more do you need in life. It will truly be remembered as one of my favorite Easters ever. Again, what a great day.

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