Congrats Zack! (3/16/08)

While Zack was in town for a few days we had a party to honor him for winning "Dance War" (and for just being a cool guy). The kids were so excited because they hadn't seen him since before he left to do the show. You would never guess that they had known him their whole lives....they acted like they were on their way to meet a true movie star and Abby even wanted his autograph! After about 5 minutes they were bored and ran off to play with the other cousins. It was a fun night and lots of family and friends came to support Zack. We shared funny stories and he filled us in on what's next for him. It was great to see him before he was off to LA again.

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{sara} said...

I am finally able to sit & catch up on your life & enjoying every minute of it. I rememmber watching Dance Wars - I missed the last few, though - & figuring Zack must be a member. How is he related to you? So fun!