We just had a really great Memorial Day weekend. We went up to the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Midway is on our Top 5 list of places to live someday. Anyway, we'd been to the resort before and had a blast so we decided to head back up and we took Chris' parents with us this time.

Chris and his Dad went up a little after noon on Saturday and played golf at the Homestead and the kids and I, along with Chris' mom, left about 4:00. We got to the resort, checked in and got settled. After meeting up with Chris and his dad we walked around a little while and then had dinner at Matty's, right there at the resort. We were all pretty tired from a busy week so we decided to stay in for the night and play games and watch movies.

Abby and Afton cuddling up to watch a movie together.

Let the games begin... Chris and Max achieved world domination after combining forces and beating Grandma and Grandpa at Risk. Following the game they went out for ice cream while I put the baby to sleep and then we watchd the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks".

Sunday morning: we enjoyed a delicious brunch at Schneitter's... way more food than you can ever eat and soooo good.  And look! The sun is shining (at least for now)! This is the kids with Chris' parents.

Riding on the carousel. Afton looks like she is having fun, but the minute it started moving she was not happy! She was just fine to sit out the next ride and watch the horses go around and cheer on the kids. This was probably her favorite thing there and she kept asking for the horses... as long as she didn't have to get on.

Max and Abby.

One of Max's favorite things at Zermatt is this giant Chess board. 
He actually beat Chris this time... which made him very happy!

While Chris and Max played chess we took the girls to play in the water fountain. Afton went nuts and was so cute, although she kept wanting to get in and go swimming!

Chris and his parents. We were so glad they were able to join us.

All the kids on top of the fountain. As soon as I took the picture Afton tried to jump in and was so quick that Max barely caught her in time!

Me and my cute girls. I think this is the only picture of me all weekend. 

Next we were off for a walk. It is so beautiful up there and everything is especially green right now because of all the rain. Next we went back to our room for naps and Chris' parents had to head home.

Following our naps we played a little golf. We didn't make it too long because it started to rain, but we had fun. Look how gorgeous that sky is! I took this picture just as it was starting to sprinkle because I knew it might be my only chance. Aren't the clouds amazing? And look how cute my family is!

Chris teaching the kids how to skip rocks while trying to keep Afton from walking right in to the lake. Abby didn't quite get it, but Max was able to get a few to skip.

After dinner at Matty's, again, we were off to the pool. This is what Abby wanted to do most all weekend. They have an indoor area and an outdoor area that are connected by this little passage that you swim through. They also like the inside jaccuzzi that has a big cliff with a water fall. (How funny is our one little blonde with all that dark hair!)

After swimming we went back to our room and got cleaned up and then watched another movie: "Vantage Point". It was really good and Max loved it, but I'm so glad that Abby fell asleep before it got too intense. We were so tired from such a busy day that we were all sound asleep by 10:00!

Monday morning we just got up, got packed and headed for home. We stopped at Sundance on the way down the mountain and had breakfast at the Foundry Grill. The drive down the Provo Canyon was absolutely amazing. With all the rain everything was so green and beautiful... it looked surreal. It was a great way to end a fun and relaxing family weekend.

I can't close this post without remembering all those who have gone before, especially those who have or are currently serving our country. We know that our lives would not be the same without the sacrifices they all made in our behalf and we are grateful for them.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


Mike & Nicole said...

We love the Zermott! We are going up there next month for our anniversary. Are you guys members? All of my family is and we talked about all going up there sometime. Maybe we could do a girls weekend sometime:)

Katie said...

Yes we are. If you do a girls weekend I am sooooo in!

Danielle said...

Looks like fun, I did not even realize it was memorial day, part of living in a foriegn country I guess.

Lesa said...

i love your picture!! We need to talk photography soon!!

Suzy said...

So many cute pictures! It looks like you guys had a good time!