Disney (Sort of) Spectacular

On Monday and Tuesday this week Max had another show with Scera Youth Theater. Honestly, this one was a little painful, although Max was awesome! I don't mean to sound like a bad parent, but any of you who have sat through kids programs know that they are not always the best. This one definitely fit into that category. The problem was that there were about 200 kids, the show was literally 2 1/2 hours long and Max was in about 3 minutes of it! Until the end... We were surprised when the finale started and Max was the star. Made suffering all night worth it (almost). He had told us he had a little solo, but we were surprised that it was such a big deal. Basically, he came out alone on stage and sang a solo and then little by little all the classes joined in until it was little Max, in his white shirt and bow tie, surrounded by 200 Disney characters. The picture below doesn't do it justice because it's only about half way through the song, by the end there were kids everywhere, up and down the aisles, all around Max. It was an awesome way to end a long night!

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