Summer Tradition

Last Thursday was the first swimming/BBQ night with my family over at my Dad's and brother's houses. This is one of our favorite things to do in the summer and something we always look forward to. We had a lot of fun and look forward to the next time! Sorry to anyone who isn't pictured... that's what you get when you leave early.
If there was ever a baby who loves to swim it's Afton. This little girl can't get enough of the pool and will stay in it as long as we're willing to let her. She even pretends she's swimming in the bathtub (I guess all kids do that at some point, but she signs it so it's even cuter!) This pool is perfect for her because they have a kiddie pool just deep enough for her to stand in and safe enough for us to sit on the side, watch her float and reach in and grab her if we need to. And it's even covered so we don't have to worry about sunburns. The light was perfect for taking pictures... I love how this one of her in the towel turned out (I actually took a ton and love them all, but this is my favorite... nothing like sunset for great photo light).

Abby had fun playing with Afton... 
I'm not sure how much fun Afton was having.

Abby's favorite thing about the pool is the slide. They totally remodeled it after last summer so now it is really cool rock with a waterfall. She also loves to play with her cousins and Aunt Aubrey and sometimes likes it when her uncles throw her really high into the air! She is becoming a better swimmer every year!

Max is quite the swimmer. He especially enjoys playing under the waterfall and making up secret games. He also likes being rough with the big boys, getting dunked and thrown in the pool.

Abby and Max with my little sister, Aubrey.
My cute nephews, Taylor and Ben.
My not so little (I think he is the tallest of all 5 boys) younger brother, Peter, and my Dad (see Dad... you ARE on my blog!)

This is my brother, Luke, looking very cool in his awesome shades and... um... interesting beard!


Wood Family said...

Looks like fun! Also, I really like max's hair cut.

Stowe Family said...

That pool looks like so much fun!!! I wish I was related to you so I could swim there!