Reunion in Flaming Gorge

What a blast. We literally had the best time! We are so glad so many people were able to come and thought it was the perfect week! I made this little slide show... it's my first time doing one. It was so hard to narrow 269 pictures down to 50! Painful for someone like me. I tried to pick them so everyone is represented. Sorry there are so many of my kids, but hey, it was my camera. We love you all and can't wait to do it again!

Daily Highlights-
Wednesday: Arrived just in time for dinner, getting settled and visiting.
Thursday: Boating!! Canoes and paddle boats were the favorites. Part of the group enjoyed horseback riding. Fishing. Hot Dogs and S'mores for dinner. More visiting.
Friday: River Rafting... 'Nuf said! Visiting again.
Saturday: More horseback riding. Brave ones went kayaking down the river. Rock Painting and a real treasure hunt for the kids. Even more visiting.
Sunday: Father's Day. Hated saying goodbye and can't wait to do it again.

Overall Highlights-
Having Grammy and Grandpa there. Cousins who don't see each other often becoming instant best friends. Evening Campfires.
Tree Climbing. Baby Birds and other wildlife. The view. Games, Games, and more Games. Children literally putting themselves to bed because they were so exhausted. Being together.

Thanks for the Memories.

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