History Lesson

On the way home from Flaming Gorge we stopped in Vernal to visit the Temple. It is an old tabernacle that was refurbished and made into a temple a few years ago. We were interested in seeing it because Chris' great grandfather helped build it and actually built the towers with the help of his sons (ie. Chris' grandpa). It was cool to share this history with our kids... and even cooler because this was the first time Chris had ever seen it.
One more fun historical fact... that area of Utah is well known for the dinosaur bones that have been found there. Well, Chris' great grandfather is actually credited with finding the very first one! He was plowing in his field one day and hit a big "rock". He had to dig it out in order to continue plowing and found something he was sure was not a rock. They called in the experts who verified it was a dinosaur bone and they dug in that area for a long time after that finding lots more. Next time we are in the area we will need to go to the dinosaur museum and see what else we can learn!

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Joy and Jeff said...

Like the new header picture. I'll have to talk to you about planning a family reunion. Sounds like you guys had so much fun!