Second Chance

Afton got a second chance to film for "Baby Signing Time". They are almost done with the editing and just needed a few more shots to fill in some gaps. So they called us and came to film on Thursday night. She did great this time. I think it helped that we were on her turf, there were no other kids around, and Chris got to be in some of the shots with her.They started in her bedroom where she stood in her crib and signed "good night", "stars" and "moon". They had stars projected on the wall and she thought they were so cool. She was so cute and animated until she figured out she could jump in her bed then that was way more fun. So, Chris pulled her out and they did some sweet "goodnight kiss" shots where they gave each other hugs and kisses and did the signs again.Then we were off to the backyard where they had a little camping scene set up and they looked at the stars and did the same signs again. You can sort of see her signing "stars" in this picture. She looked so adorable and had so much fun.

I'm actually surprised she did so well. They didn't start filming until 30 minutes past her bedtime and it took about an hour and a half so I thought she'd never make it. But she did awesome and fell fast asleep the minute they were done.


Stowe Family said...

Cute pictures Katie! I'm glad she got another shot to be famous!

Cathy said...

I love the camping scene! Your daughter is so gorgeous. Congrats on her getting her second chance, it looks like it worked!

Mike & Nicole said...

She is so dang cute! I love that last pic of her and Chris looking up at the stars. You should frame that one.

um... are we ever going to see you guys this summer?? How came we haven't had any family get togethers?

The Nortons said...


Eddie and I were looking at a ward list last night and Chris and Danielle Tidwell were on it! So we asked our bishop, and he said they were in the ward but they moved out just before we got here.

I'm not exactly sure which ward they got to now.

Wood Family said...

You'll have to let us know when it airs. She is so cute.