New Life

For those of you who don't live near us I'll give a little background. We live in a very small town... there is one stoplight. In order to get pretty much anywhere you have to "go into town", which involves at least 20 minutes on winding back roads just to get to the freeway... then add the time to get to your destination. Most people don't like this fact but put up with it to live in a beautiful rural place. I, however, love it! Especially in the spring. It is actually one of my favorite things. Why? You may ask. Especially when anyone who knows me well knows that I hate to drive. Well, this is why: I LOVE the animals. I love it when Spring arrives and I look for all the baby horses, baby cows and baby sheep (I know, they have technical terms for these beautiful little creatures, but I'm from California and didn't grow up around animals and that's what my kids and I like to call them). Anyway, I memorize where they all are, give them names, watch their growth and sometimes stop to take pictures like these:Yesterday as Chris and I were driving along the back roads we noticed this BRAND NEW baby horse. I t was just barely getting up and starting to walk. It was all wobbly and so adorable. Luckily I had my camera so I made Chris pull over so I could snap a few shots of my new favorite creature. I only got one or two okay shots before the little guy started to nurse and then that's all it would do. So sweet!As we were leaving the owners were heading out with some ropes... I'm assuming they take the mother and baby away until the baby is a little older. I'll keep my eyes open and try to get some better pictures when they are back.

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