3 Years

This week is officially 3 years since we moved into our house. We have loved living here and have had awesome experiences and opportunities and have met a lot of great people. It has truly become "Our Home". When we moved here we figured it would be a transitional kind of place and eventually we would move to something bigger, nicer, whatever... but now we are always saying that we could stay here forever, lay down some roots, and just be happy. We love to do little projects and have ideas that can keep us busy for the next 5 years or so. Perhaps I'll have to post an update every year to see how it changes. Happy Anniversary to our "Home, Sweet, Home"!
This is the house literally the minute we pulled up 3 years ago. We hadn't even walked through the front door yet! Everyone's looking really good from 11 hours in the car... and look how young they all look. 
You've come a long way, baby! Chris has put a ton of work into our yard and it shows. I love it and can't wait to see it in a few more years as everything grows a little more and the trees get a lot bigger.

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Suzy said...

Funny that you posted this because when I was over at your house I was thinking how great your yard looked! I was going to mention it but I knew you were in a hurry. Anyway, it really looks awesome! I've got a lot of work to do with my yard.