Fishing= Family Night Fun!

"It's not about what you catch- 
they say the fishing is far more important than the fish."
- Anonymous

A couple weeks ago (man, I'm behind on my blog!) we went fishing up American Fork Canyon for Family Night with my Dad. He loves to fish... I think it is probably his all time favorite activity. He especially loves it when his grandkids are involved and he can teach them all he knows. We had quite the crowd, too: My dad and step-mom, little sis' Aubrey, Sister-in-law, Melody and her 2 little munchkins, and my entire crew... including Cassidy and the dog! Awesome company for the night. We all had a great time, it was a beautiful evening, and everyone who wanted to catch something did! We even BBQ'd our fish for dinner the next night. We can't wait to do it again and are glad my dad invited us to come along.

I know I said no more slideshows for a while, but there were too many cute pictures... I didn't have a choice! Enjoy.

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