More Funny Faces

While we were visiting Balboa during our vacation I was trying to get a picture of each of my kids. The sun was setting so the lighting was perfect, the ocean was behind them, there was a slight breeze for a very natural effect (I guess just for Abby, really). The point is, conditions were perfect for some striking portraits. Well, I've told you how much Afton likes to make faces... and she definitely knows what a camera is for (I mean, she IS my daughter... and you could sort of call me the "momarazzi")... Anyway, this is what she gave me! Not exactly what I was hoping for, but super cute and really made us laugh!
Just for fun, here's how Max's and Abby's turned out. I'm not loving Max's expression, but I do love the lighting (especially on Abby's).


Heather said...

OMGosh, those pics of Afton crack me up! Your kids are adorable, and how amazing to still have a baby with another coming! Thanks for visiting my site! Heather

Suzy said...

All your pictures are wonderful. You are a great photographer. Those pictures of Afton are SO cute!

About the jogging stoller...is it a single seater? If so, I would be interested. Let me know and I could come and look at it if it isn't already taken!

Shannon said...

Holy cow Katie! OK I didn't know you had a blog either, so cute! And you are cute to post credit and a link to me. Thanks babe. You look way to good to be so far pregnant. Seriously, I am big! I can't wait, two more weeks. Hallelujia!! What is your next one? Have we even talked since I heard you were preggo so I could say congrats? SO glad our next ones are the same age again. We really need to get Afton and Camden together, who is this boy she is loving? That is so funny...love the pics. I hope you are feeling well. We miss you guys. Take care!