Webelos Overnighter

Last weekend the Cub Scout Webelos Den had their overnighter. Chris and I were sort of in charge (he's the Cub Master and I'm the Cub Committee Chair) so it was a little stressful but ended up going really well. I think the boys had a good time... I know Max did. All 5 Webelos Scouts were able to be there and their den leader, Brother Rea, provided great activities for the boys and their dads. We didn't take too many pictures, but here's a few.

Max enjoying his yummy dutch oven dinner.
Steven and his Dad.
Their fearless leader.
Showing their fire-starting skills... 3rd year Cub Scouts... 
they should be able to do it, right?
 Sweet Success!!
The perfect fire for some after dinner S'mores!

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