Lucky Me?

Chris left this morning for 4 days WITH Max and Abby. They are on a kid friendly backpacking trip in the Windriver Mountain range in Wyoming. That's right, it's just me and little Afton. I have been looking forward to this for quite some time... thinking of all the projects I would be able to accomplish and how clean my house would stay with no one to mess it up. So, how strange is it that it's just a little after noon on Monday, I haven't really accomplished anything, and I am missing them terribly. Not only are they gone, but they are out of cell range, leaving me to worry about if they are safe and happy and getting along with each other (Are the kids packs too heavy? Are they getting enough to eat? Has Abby wandered off, as she is prone to do? Is Max staying positive? Is Abby's hair getting brushed? Are they getting enough water? Is Chris feeling stressed? My list of worries goes on and on!). I'm sure this will pass and I'll end up getting a lot done... eventually... but right now I just miss my sweet husband and kids and hope they are having a great time!


scrapnchat said...

Wow! You guys are sure adventurous. Backpacking...whew! Not my favorite past time. I am sure they are fine. He is a good daddy-don't worry. Enjoy your time with Afton. She won't be the baby much longer....Jamaica was nice but it is good to be home. Dev started school today! Where did her summer go????

Carrick family said...

Hey, that is sweet you got to stay home with Afton alone. Sweet! Hey, you won't lose any information if you change background. Go to Becky's on my friend's list & then click Aaron & Shelly's on her friend list. You see Shelly's scrap. She offers free background & even custom one to pay for. I can come over & help you to change it if you don't feel good doing it yourself. I helped Lesa & Tina with their background. let me know. Yeah, I always change my background. ha!