In Honor of Our Pioneer Ancestors...

...our church has an annual Pioneer Day celebration that includes a children's parade, pioneer activities, a cook-off and some entertainment. For all my non-Mormon friends: Pioneer Day is a Utah State Holiday celebrated July 24th in honor of the Saints entering the Salt Lake Valley and Brigham Young declaring "This is the Place!" We joined in the fun for the 3rd year in a row and had a great time visiting with our friends and neighbors. It was soooo hot so the Root Beer Floats were my favorite part! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make such a fun event for us all!

Abby and her Sunday School teacher carrying the banner for her class.

Max carrying the banner for their Scout Troop.

Abby obviously loved the wheelbarrow race! (Thanks Brother Hunter)

Afton obviously did not. She screamed from start to finish. (But thanks to Max for trying- it ended up being the first and last activity for Afton!)

Just because she looks so cute. 
(Do like my lame attempt at a Pioneer costume? It's the best I could come up with. Max and Abby's turned out pretty cute, though, even without Abby's adorable bonnet that, of course, we couldn't find. Chris and I did not dress up... we're party poopers.)


Stowe Family said...

Cute picture of Afton! Your fishing trip at American Fork canyon looked fun, we were wanting to go fishing somewhere close, maybe we'll go there too!

Cassidy said...

Hello... It is time for a new post. I have been waiting for one! : )

scrapnchat said...

I like Abby's pioneer dress. Did you make it? Dev has to dress up next year for school when they study the pioneers so I am keeping my eyes open for a dress ahead of time. Dev loves her hair. Abby gave hers to Locks of Love too? Dev has NEVER had short hair so it is a shock but it is much easier....her daddy is really happy she cut it. The tangles were getting old with him...Heather