Abby "The Tool Girl" Higbee

How cute is she!! One of our favorite things about summer is day camps at Thanksgiving Point. Max and Abby each go once a week (different days... which gives me 2 full days with almost no sibling conflict... makes it worth every penny!) and they are really cool. Each week has a different theme and they are really elaborate, well thought out and educational. And the camp counselors are awesome, my kids adore them. This is our third summer participating and my kids really look forward to it and always come home excited about what they did that day.

Last Thursday, Abby came home even more excited than usual. The theme had been "Tool Time" and they spent the day building: sawing, drilling, hammers, nails, etc. I actually thought this was one she wouldn't really get into so I was thrilled that she had such a good time. She made a memory box from scratch, learned how to stain wood, used a power saw BY HERSELF, and tons more... I'm actually surprised how much they did. She loved telling me how to do everything and was quite pleased with herself. She even got this cute apron and goggles to keep and earned an award for being the "Best Builder" (I'm not sure if that is something everyone got, but she was really excited about it!) This is the only time either of my kids have wanted pictures of their day camp experience and, of course, I was happy to do so... and now all of you get to enjoy my little Tool Girl!

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