They Survived!

It is a little difficult to post about a trip you didn't actually go on. I will say that it is probably a good thing I didn't go. As I looked through the pictures there were a lot of things that happened that I'm glad I didn't know about until after the fact... things that dads let their kids do and moms (at least me) would cringe at. For example: hiking a mountain of GIANT boulders (much too unsteady... someone could fall or get crushed!), swimming in their underwear in a freezing cold lake (hello hypothermia!! And I'm sure I packed swimsuits for them), crossing rivers on logs, etc. I guess that is one of the main purposes of trips like this... they need it to grow. There ended up being quite a crew on the hike and it was very challenging for the littler ones (you'll notice no backpack on Abby for the end of the hike... I guess it was divided out into bigger peoples packs... thanks to everyone who helped with that!), but they made it and all got home in one piece (and with enough bug bites to look like they had the chicken pox!). Here is the basic itinerary... Monday: drove up and set up base camp, Tuesday: hiked 6 miles to lake and camped overnight, Wednesday: hiked 6 miles back to base camp, Thursday: drove home. So, here is my little slide show followed by what the kids thought of it all -in their words- and then a really cool panoramic video of where they hiked and camped Tuesday night. Absolutely gorgeous!

Max's words: "I liked the big huge rock wall that we climbed up at Big Sandy Lake."

Abby's words: "I didn't like that we had to walk six miles, but I loved that we got to camp in a tent and have a camp dinner. I thought that the fish that we caught to eat looked yucky. It was really cold when we were swimming in the lake... it was like ice cold. I was the first one to get in... Max freaked out and didn't want to get in."

Extra special thanks to my brother, Sam, for organizing the whole thing. What an adventure and a great memory for my family!

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