Arrow of Light

Max has officially earned his Arrow of Light, the highest award a Cub Scout can earn. He worked really hard and we are so proud of him. Cub Scouts has been an awesome experience. He has learned a lot and is totally ready to become a Boy Scout when he turns 11 in October.The ceremony was great. Thats my (not so) little brother, Bryn, in the middle. He played the part of Akela, the Indian leader who guides scouts through the program, and presented them with their awards.This is Max with his arrow. Each of the colored flags represents a characteristic a cub scout has develeoed over the last 3 years... things like knowledge, courage, self control, and a lot more.

Max pinning the mother's pin on me.

Max and Bryn after the ceremony. Max had actually requested that Bryn play Akela. We are grateful that Bryn agreed to help us out and know that it was really special to Max to have one of his favorite people there with him.

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Stowe Family said...

That's neat that your brother was able to give Max his arrow of light. It's a big deal to get that award for a kid. You should be proud mom!