Family Night at Seven Peaks

Last Monday (not 2 days ago, the one before that... I'm still way behind!) we went to Seven Peaks Water Park for Family Night. We make it a point to go one time every summer because the kids always get one free ticket from school for completing the "Peak Reader Program". This year we went just a half day (4-8), which was perfect for everyone (except maybe Max). We had a great time, the weather was gorgeous, it wasn't too crowded because it was the first day of school (except for us), and, like I said, it was the perfect amount of time to be there. At first Chris took off with the big kids and I followed Afton around so I couldn't really take pictures. But for the last hour or so Afton played with Chris and then she was so tired (that's why she doesn't look very happy... I promise she loved it for the first 2 hours and was cute as can be) she just sat in her stroller and we followed everyone around and snapped away.

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Chris said...

Man, I love those kids and that gorgeous wife - not a humongous fan of 7 Peaks, but it's always fun with the fam.