Higbee Family Reunion

We had a wonderful family reunion with the Higbee's over the 24th of July weekend. Chris and the kids pulled into the garage from their exciting hike and we unloaded some camping gear, loaded some more, showered everyone and were right back out the door. We went up American Fork Canyon and enjoyed a lovely evening under the stars. The campsite really was perfect, we had a great time visiting, the kids had a blast with their cousins (we hardly saw them all night), dinner was great, S'mores were even better, we got to hear a little family history, even the dog enjoyed herself. In the morning we had a huge, very delicious breakfast and packed everything up to head home. Friday evening people sort of did whatever they wanted (hopefully with family). Some went to the movies, had game nights, etc. We stayed home and caught up on some sleep, although Max went to the movies with Alec (thanks Aunt Karen). Here are my favorite pics from the campout. It's mostly my family, but if you follow the link on the right to the J Marvin Higbee blog I posted a slideshow that included everyone!

Saturday we all got together again for dinner, swimming (including water basketball, wrestling, lots of sliding, etc), train rides (which Afton especially enjoyed... she rode twice and kept signing "train" and making whistle sounds), indoor soccer and more! My kids LOVED playing with their cousins (as usual). It was great to have everyone there, the weather was great and everyone had a really good time! Again, this slideshow is mostly my family, but there is a longer, more inclusive one on the Higbee family blog.

Family reunions are great... we can't wait for next summer... Beach House or BUST!

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