Back to Class

Ahh! The first day of school. New haircuts, shoes, back packs, lunch boxes, uniforms... a new teacher and a new classroom... the kids are soooo excited to be back in school (even Max). They both had a great day and after school Abby said she hopes she can go back tomorrow. I can hardly believe they are in 2nd and 6th grades- they looked so grown up walking in to school! I, for one, am enjoying the peace and quiet and love being back to a routine. Afton misses them tons and asks where they are all day. When I finally say we can go get them she is so excited and she talks to them the whole way home. When I took them this morning she was so upset that we couldn't go inside with them like we did on Monday. I know one of the reasons I'm so excited is that now the countdown to our new baby really begins... just 2 weeks from today until our planned inducement. That seems so soon, and now that school has started that's the next "big thing" on the calendar! Wow! I am definitely going to enjoy these 2 weeks of peace and quiet and routine while it lasts and live it up (anyone want to go to lunch?... or get a pedicure?... call me)!

We ended the day with our traditional dinner out to celebrate the first day back at school. The kids chose La Dolce VIta, a family favorite, and we had a great evening chatting about their day! I can tell this is going to be a great year for them and hope they will work hard, always do their best, and learn all they can!


Chris said...

Are we really old enough to have kids this old?

Joy and Jeff said...

I'll do lunch with you! Call me. I can't believe you are so close!