Lego Robot Camp

I've already talked about how much my kids love the day camps at Thanksgiving Point. Max's favorite are the week long camps. Last week he participated in an awesome camp where they built Lego robots and programmed them to compete certain tasks. It was really intense! Lots of hours sitting at a computer writing code that the little machine inside the robot, that they built, would then take and use to accomplish the tasks. Max eats this kind of thing up and I love that he loves it so much. What a neat thing. This robot was super cool, too. It actually understood Max's voice commands... so Max would talk to it and it would go. Pretty amazing to an unscientific, computer illiterate person like me. Max with his cousin, Alec, who attended the camp with him.Showing me one of the tasks the robot had to do.Max's robot. I think he was actually sad to take it apart at the end of the week... it was almost like a little friend!

Thanksgiving Point really does a great job with these camps. I highly recommend them to all of you local people who have kids. You will not be disappointed in the quality of the instruction and the counselors (and the couple hours of free time for you). You can probably guess where we'll be again next summer!

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Macy said...

Ok. That is awesome. My husband would want to attend that camp if he saw this!