11 years old!

(Photo taken 10/2/97 right after he was born)

Today is Max's 11th Birthday! I seriously cannot believe it. I still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. It was definitely my most difficult labor and delivery! Max was always such a good baby and an even better toddler. He was always like an adult trapped in a little body. People loved to talk to him and they would laugh at the things that came out of his mouth. As he grew he was always very curious and learned quickly. When he was 2 1/2 we moved to San Francisco and Chris was gone a lot so it was just me and Max. He was truly my little buddy and I loved doing things with him because he was so fun to be with. It has been a pleasure to be his mom and watch him grow. I am excited about what his future holds. He has so much potential to do great things and I hope he makes those great things happen. I am really looking forward to the wonderful things the next 11 years will bring! So, in honor of his birthday, here are 10 things you may or may not know about Max (in no particular order):

1. Max is always prepared. In fact, he "packs" no matter where we are going. He always brings along a change of clothes, things to entertain himself and a snack... even if we are just headed to grandmas for dinner!

2. Max LOVES to read. He is always reading a big thick book and has always read above his grade level. He read Harry Potter in kindergarten and read the Twilight Series over the summer. People usually see his book lying around and ask me if I'm reading it.

3. Max is an excellent big brother when he wants to be... we just wish he wanted to be one more often!

4. Max almost never stops talking... literally. When driving in the car, sitting at dinner, or just hanging out he goes on and on about his latest obsession. We usually love hearing what his has to share with us and admire his love of learning, but every once in a while we have to FORCE him to stop talking!

5. Max knows almost everything about almost everything. He has such a thirst for knowledge that something in a movie, book, or that he is learning at school will spark an interest and he dives into the subject, learning everything he can any way he can.

6. Max is very musically talented. He plays the piano and guitar and has lovely voice. He learns very quickly and already plays the piano better than me (which isn't really saying much). He also wants to learn to play the cello and hopes to start a band someday.

7. Max doesn't like to do work around the house and yard, but he does it anyway... usually with a smile... and tries to do the best he can.

8. Max loves Europe and hopes to travel there soon. He even wants to serve his mission there. When he was about 6 he started to teach himself French from some language CD's Chris had and he still works on it!

9. Max is a loyal friend and family member. He really LOVES the people closest to him and cares about them a lot.

10. Max is a lot like his dad... he looks like him (we get the "mini-me" comment a lot), they have a lot of the same interests (movies, sports, random trivia) and there is no one he would rather spend time with.

Happy Birthday, Christopher Maxwell... We love you tons!

(Photo taken last Sunday in his Birthday Suit. 
No, not THAT Birthday Suit! 
The Suit we got him for his Birthday.)


Melanie said...

I remember Max as a new baby, a little boy that would someday grow to be a handsome young man. Wow..he is going to make some young woman's heart skip a beat or two. Happy b-day to all Higbee's!

Grandpa and Grandma Higbee said...

Max is such a joy to be around. Grandma and I am so proud of him and all he does. We love you so much Max and always look forward to when we can see you. Happy Birthday.

Danielle said...

Happy Bday Max, Have a great day!