Just thinking out loud...

Today Coleman is 4 weeks old and I can hardly believe how the time has flown. We have enjoyed him so much and love getting to know his little personality. I loved conference this past weekend. You know how they always seem to focus on 1 thing and sometimes that 1 thing is different for different people depending on what they need to hear? Well, for me the message was to slow down, enjoy each day, live in the moment... I tend to be a list maker, always planning days, weeks, months, even years (yes years!) ahead, I freak out if the house isn't perfectly organized (which it never is... so I'm freaked out A LOT... just ask my husband), and I get extremely down on myself if I don't accomplish what I meant to for that day. Today I looked around my house and noticed how messy it is, you know, new baby and all. My kitchen floor seriously needs to be mopped, my toilets are in desperate need of scrubbing, my office is piled sooo high with papers, and it's taking me 3 days to do the amount of laundry I used to do in one... and it's been sitting folded on my bedroom floor pretty much since Coleman was born! Then I looked at my sweet baby. And I laid down and took a nap with him. Heaven.

Thanks to my sweet, very patient husband for not pointing out the messes and instead pointing out the conference talk that said the piles of laundry and fingerprints on the wall will be gone too soon and to enjoy my children now. For giving me the opportunity to stay at home with my children. For loving me even though I don't always get it all done. For allowing me to live in this moment with this new baby every day and truly enjoy him.

And thanks to my wonderful kids for being who they are, loving me even though I'm still trying to figure out this whole "mom" thing (do we ever really figure it out), and for being so helpful as we adjust to having another person in the family.

I love you all. You are my greatest treasures!


Heather said...

Hey girl, you are doing great! I love those pics of "labor and delivery". And how the heck did you think of lip gloss after you went through that!! Hee hee. I love your little family... or should I say big family? You are all so committed to each other. Heather

JJ said...

Very sweet post. Loved it.