Conference at the Cabin

Last weekend we went to the cabin to enjoy conference surrounded by the beauty of the mountains in the fall and away from the distractions of the world. As we drove up the mountain I was so excited... the fall colors were amazing and I was thinking of the great pictures I would be able to take of the kids frolicking in the fall leaves. But, it wasn't meant to be. As soon as we got the car unloaded it started raining... and it literally didn't stop all weekend. Oh wait, it did stop, as we were driving away to head home the rain stopped and the sun began to shine. Oh well... another time. We still had a blast. It was so nice to be cuddled up and warm inside with the rain pouring down outside.
Even with the rain the fall colors were absolutely beautiful.
During a brief moment of sunshine I captured this picture of Afton on the front porch.
I tried to do the same with Abby, but it started 
pouring again and the sun hid behind the clouds.
Max out back in the rain.

We tried not to let the rain stop us from having fun. One of our kids favorite things to do at the cabin is going exploring. Chris is such a great dad... in between Saturday sessions he took the kids out in the pouring rain and went exploring. I could tell he really didn't want to, but he didn't let the kids know. He was just as excited as they were and they had so much fun together. They came back dripping wet and covered in mud. I made them all strip on the back porch and wrap themselves in a towel before they could come inside (thanks goodness the cabin is in a secluded area). They all took warm showers and got bundled up in their pajamas to enjoy the second session.
Soaking wet after their hike.
Watching Conference... the kids thought it was funny to get up and sing with the primary choir.
While at the cabin we did a lot of laying around...
watching conference and movies...
and sleeping (especially Coleman)...

... we also played games, ate lots of yummy treats, and worked on our laptops (photo editing for me... I don't know what Chris was doing). It really was an awesome weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Thanks to our sweet friends, Kathy and Carolyn, for sharing their treasure with us.

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