The big boys hit Cornbelly's

Every year our family heads over to Thanksgiving Point to enjoy Cornbelly's Corn Maze and all the other activities. For months Max has been begging us to take him on a haunted night (we usually go on family friendly non-scary nights) with a bunch of his friends (just one more sign that he's growing up *sigh*). So, he invited his cousin, Alec, and a friend from our neighborhood, Collin. It turned out to be a freezing cold night but they bundled up and braved the weather and the monsters. Chris was a true sport to be willing to go out and freeze his butt off with all the kids and I know Max was really grateful.
Alec, Collin and Max
Alec (I love this picture)
In the corn maze.
Enjoying some hot chocolate in a really big chair.

Funny story. They get to the corn maze and Alec and Collin run in. Max takes a step toward the entrance and then says "I don't think I can do this". It took Chris about 10 minutes of coaxing to finally get Max to go in and he says it wasn't easy. Apparently Max was laying on the ground in the fetal position and when Chris tried to carry him in he flailed his body and tried to rip off Chris' hat and scarf. I can SOOO picture this. I guess he's not growing up as fast as I though *sigh, again*. He DID finally go in and was very brave. The rest of the night was a huge success and they all had fun getting scared and enjoying some guy time!

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