Life is crazy right now. I flew in yesterday from Southern California where I spent 5 days helping to care for my terminally ill grandfather. After being home less than 48 hours I fly to Northern California tomorrow to help my sister-in-law (and one of my favorite people) celebrate her 40th birthday. AND there may or may not be a funeral this weekend. In between I'm trying to stay on top of life here at home and do as much as I can to make things smoother for Chris, who will have played "single dad" for almost 2 weeks by the time this is all done. So... no blogging for now. When things calm down next week I'll play catch-up. Check back then for lots of fun stuff!

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haylie said...

Hi Katie! Guess what? I have a blog! Yay! I stayed up way too late tonight setting it up. It was my reward for finding a job.

Me: http://haylie-rainydaygirl.blogspot.com/

It was wonderful to see you. I'm sure I'll see you again soon, and thanks for the job hunt advice. Apparently, it worked!