Max is so happy to finally have a little brother. Even though they are 11 years apart I know they are going to be great friends. Max is a great kid and I am grateful Coleman has such a wonderful example to look up to and follow. I caught the boys doing a little bonding the other day and just had to take a few pics of them together. Max is already trying to teach him things like "high fives" and "pound" and always greets him with "what's up, dude". I see the beginning of a beautiful friendship here... I love it.


Heather said...

I love it! And they'll be far apart enough that they won't "bother" one another, hee hee. There's gonna be some worship going on here (you know little brother looking up to big brother...) My sister and I were oh let me see, about 5 yrs apart, and I always wanted to be just like her. I loved her, and she could never say no to me.

Hey thanks for the pic comment. Don't cha think that any pic at the beach just looks better?!! And do you have blonde hair in your pic? Very cute long.

scrapnchat said...

Hey Katie- Haven't talked in a while. Sounds like you are doing well. Wish you were closer so I could see you. Your kids are so big! Max looks so old in his suit. Wow! Time flies....Dev will be 9 soon. Aren't you coming down in December? Email me...Heather