It's amazing how quickly time flies. I cannot believe that Coleman is 3 weeks old today. We are enjoying him so much. He is such a sweet little baby and has already brought so much joy into our lives. We couldn't be happier that he is here. So, I posted some pictures the day he was born, but that's all you've seen of him. I'm sure you've all just been dying to see more and you're about to have all your dreams come true! In fact, you are probably about to have way more Coleman than you ever could have wished for. Enjoy!

Labor and Delivery

As I mentioned before, the labor and delivery went great. I have really easy deliveries and, for that, I am very grateful. Yes, we did have all our kids there. I never thought I would be "that" person, you know, that would have all her kids watch her deliver a child, but it was great. We actually had them all there when Afton was born too. I am really glad we let them be a part of it all and feel like it made it a lot more special for them. It does have its challenges... the wait can get a little boring and it is not fun dealing with bickering children while also dealing with labor pains, but we all made it through. I love some of the expressions on their faces in these pictures... priceless. At one point I had to ask Cassidy to stop making "disgusted" faces because it was too much for me to watch and Max chose the "G-rated" version and hung out by my head. Abby loved every minute of it (she wants to be a "baby doctor" someday- the kind that delivers babies) and actually coached me through some of it, cheering me on and telling me how great I was. Afton was the sweetest and was so concerned about little Coleman. Anyway, it was a great day and I'm glad we were all together.

The rest of his life... so far
Believe it or not I haven't taken that many pictures of Coleman (other than 1 planned "photo Shoot" I did a few days ago- look for those to be posted in the next day or so)... this is pretty much all of it. It starts about 30 minutes after he was born with the first sets of visitors, and goes through all the pics I have. I really didn't cut that much out. Must be that 4th child thing! It is interesting to watch them in order and see how much he has changed in the first weeks of life. He almost looks like a different baby from the beginning picture to the end. It's been fun to watch him change and wonder what he'll look like and what kind of personality he'll have. It's been a great 3 weeks and I'm looking forward to the next 3, and the next 3, and the next 3.... and taking LOTS of pictures!


Danielle said...

Glad to see all is well. Everyone looks great, he is darling.

Stowe Family said...

I'm glad you posted more pictures of Coleman. He's so cute! I cant believe how good you look in your hospital pictures!

Amy said...

You make that all look way too easy! What a sweet little guy. He's beautiful.