Do you remember a while back when we had a ton of birthdays? Well, here's how we celebrated:

On the actual day of Afton's birthday (Monday, 9/29) we didn't do much. ALL day we kept telling her it was her birthday and singing to her in the hopes that she would understand  that it was her special day. After dinner we had ice cream with peaches and put some candles on top and sang to her and she was happy as could be!
Here she is showing you how old she is now.
Who needs a spoon? Fingers are much faster.
Let's just skip the fingers and get right to it!

The next day (Tuesday, 9/30) we did our traditional birthday dinner out for both Afton and Max combined. Cassidy joined us and even came bearing gifts.
Afton loved the adorable bows Cass brought her and put them BOTH on right away.
Max giving Cass a thank you kiss for the yummy treats and cash she gave him.

On Max's actual birthday (Thursday, 10/2) we took treats to school for him to celebrate with his class.

On Sunday evening (10/5) we had our traditional "Invite EVERYONE from both sides of the family for Afton's, Max's AND Chris' birthdays" for cake and ice cream at our house. It was quite a crowd and we really appreciated everyone coming to be with us and celebrate.
Last, but definitely not least, the Saturday before Chris' birthday (10/11) we went to his very favorite restaurant and enjoyed a nice quiet dinner with our family and his parents.

Happy birthday to 3 of my very favorite people!! I hope you had a great year and wish you all another awesome year. I wish I could have posted more pictures... but that would make for a very long post so they'll have to wait for the scrapbook. It was an very fun couple of weeks with lots of celebrating. It is both exhausting and exciting to have all these birthdays so close together... and next year we'll need to add Coleman's to the mix! Whew!

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{sara} said...

Happy Birthday, Afton, Max & Chris!