We love Thanksgiving Point... and we especially love the Dinosaur museum. It is such a cool place. My kids spend a lot of time there in the summer when they participate in their day camps, but we don't really go a ton as a family. Lately, Afton has been pointing to the big dinosaur on the wall outside and asking to go so we decided to head over for some family time and dinner at our favorite place. We took my little sister, Aubrey, along and had a great time.
I cannot believe I have a double stroller!! 
But don't they look super cute in it?
My favorite pose... we take a version of this picture every single time we go! (I love Afton's expression... she is so stinkin' cute)
Pretending to get eaten by dinosaurs. 
No, my kids aren't at all dramatic. Why do you ask?
We weren't able to stay quite long enough but we had a good time anyway and will be back soon for sure... we LOVE our season pass during those cold winter months (let us know if your going... maybe we'll join you).

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