While Mom's Away...

The family will play! The timing wasn't great... I took off for California right when we had a little vacation planned because the kids had Fall break. Or maybe the timing was perfect! Chris went ahead without me and enjoyed the weekend at the cabin with my parents and siblings to help out with the kids, and he didn't have to worry about getting them to school and all that involves (lunches, homework, etc). I can't say much about the weekend because I wasn't there, but from looking at the pictures (courtesy of my dad and Chris): 

Afton spent a lot of time with her favorite uncle Peter. I'm pretty sure she followed him around all the time and I can just hear her little voice saying "Peter". He probably carried her around most of the time!
Max and Abby repaired the old tree house. It looks like they got a long at least long enough to take a picture.
They all did a little 4-wheeling. (I'm glad I wasn't there to watch that... it freaks me out!)
And they cut wood...
Lots of wood...
To make warm fires in the winter.
I hear they also did a little fishing, visiting of old friends in Ephraim, movie watching, and enjoying each others company. Chris did pretty well without me... perhaps I should leave more often?

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