Abby's Last Day of School

The last day of school was bittersweet for Abby. She has been at American Heritage since kindergarten and we have decided to attend the local public school next year so it was her last day at the school as well. We will miss American Heritage and the friends, teachers, administration and spirit that is there. They really have some great programs and are truly a unique school. We have decided to switch for various reasons (we actually moved Max over last April) and, who knows, we may be back in a year or two. We are very excited about next year. Abby is excited to attend school with all of her neighbor friends and even a cousin! She also tested in to the Accelerated Learning Lab and we are looking forward to the challenge that will bring. I am looking forward to an extra 10 hours a week because I will not be commuting to the school... yeah! For now, Abby is looking forward to enjoying a nice long summer.

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