More fun with Nana

While my mom was still in town we went over to the Thanksgiving Point Farm with my brothers kids to visit the animals and see if there were any spring newborns. The kids had a lot of fun running around and feeding the animals, playing in the houses, and spending time with cousins and Nana. Here are some highlights:
My mom with 6 out of 10 grandchildren.
(L to R: Ana, Abby, JJ, Max, Afton and Cole)

Max posing in the window of one of the little houses.

Of course Abby has to as well...

And whatever Abby does, Afton does!

Then we rode the ponies. Abby loves all animals 
and is a regular little horsewoman...

Afton, clearly, was not as excited to ride the ponies. This was back on March 21st and I still haven't been able to get her on a pony!

She felt much better after her sweet big brother took her to feed the little newborn goats.

Just look at that smile.

Ana LOVED the pony ride. She was giggling out loud and even rode it twice.

Ditto for JJ. 
(Max was too cool to ride this time around).

Afton was not afraid to pet a big gross cow.

And they all loved feeding the animals and being tickled by their big fat tongues.

How sweet are these 2? Cousins are the best!

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