Night Sledding

Some of our friends invited us to their cabin up at Sundance to enjoy some night sledding and a really delicious dinner. We had a lot of fun visiting, the kids had a blast and the food was to die for... seriously.
Who can resist this? I just love Afton's pink snow suit with the white snow. She pretty much just wanted to eat the snow... we had to watch her close because most of it wasn't very clean.
Max found this little hill and taught her how to slide down it on her bottom. She loved it and did it over and over and over.
I love this picture... I think the little ball on Abby's scarf sticking out  below her coat is so funny... I kept calling her cotton tail all night.

On one of her earlier runs of the night she had a little accident. She was riding with one of the other kids and they wiped out at the bottom and the other kids landed on top of Abby's head, and she landed face down in the very icey snow. Like any dutiful scrapbooker, I took pictures instead of running to her aid.
This is where she got mad that I was taking pictures instead of helping her.
This is where she got sad and felt truly abandoned in her pain... also where I started feeling like a bad mom.
After we got her all patched up and feeling better, we bundled her back up and got her back out there. I was really proud of her because if that had happened to me when I was a little girl I would have gone sledding again... and not just that night... EVER! But, she wouldn't get back on the sled. Instead she adopted Afton's method of sledding down on her butt. It worked well and was the perfect speed for her.
Max had the most fun of all (except for the 20 minutes he had to sit out as punishment for pushing Abby's sled down the hill and causing the aforementioned accident).
He was really flying down those hills and seriously making me nervous.
It got so I couldn't watch him after a little while.
It was a great night and fun to be with each other and friends. We look forward to hanging out again next winter (hint hint).


{sara} said...

Makes me want to go sledding...right now!

Cassidy said...

I love the picture of Max by himself (Can you say Gap Ad???)