Busy Boy

These pictures were all taken when Cole was almost 7 months. He was in this stage where he was suddenly learning and discovering new things every day. I loved watching him and was in awe at how quickly he was learning and changing. In this first picture he had just discovered his shadow. It was a magical moment and I was lucky to have my camera in my hand right then. Chris and I looked down and noticed that he was "playing" with his shadow. Awesome.The downside of this stage is that we are constantly on our toes. He started attempting stairs much sooner than I would have liked. The first time I saw him try to climb them I literally said "Oh, No!" This is the first time he started trying them... we were surprised that he even attempted it and that he actually did it pretty flawlessly.
When I think of Coleman I think of all the prepositions I learned back in 7th grade... on, over, under, around, in, through... he is all over the place. He doesn't play with the toys, he dumps them out and climbs in the basket, he is on top of everything, he usually doesn't go around things, but tries to go over... or even under. One I was making my bed and walked around to the other side, leaving him on the floor on the original side. I was shocked to see him come put from under the bed to find me.
I wish I had more pictures if these things because they are such a huge part of who he is, but I'm usually running to grab him before he gets hurt so there isn't time to get the camera and take a picture... you understand, right?

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