Night at the Museum

In late March my mom came to visit and so we decided to head over to the dinosaur museum and enjoy the after noon.
Abby took detailed notes of all the exhibits
and wrote it all down in her journal, 
as any good future scientist would do.
My mom did an excellent job listening to my kids go on and on about different things.
It was nice to hear "Nana! Nana!" instead of "Mom! Mom!" all afternoon.
She also did a great job following Afton wherever she lead her. 
And I enjoyed the break from that job.
Traditional picture in front of the dinosaur leg... this time with Nana.
Afton loved all the interactive/hands on exhibits and would have played for hours if we would have let her.
Total concentration on her little project in the sand.
Cute Abby had this group of boys working with her and doing whatever she told them too.
When we first got to the museum Afton was a little afraid of all the bigger exhibits, but about half way through our visit she started acting like a dinosaur and roaring... totally unprovoked!
Another picture tradition... we take one of these everytime we are there.
Eventually Afton started trying to crawl in to all the exhibits. She may have even been successful a couple times and I may have had to jump in and grab her. Shhh... don't tell anyone.
Abby really does love all things science and she takes her digging for bones very seriously.
Afton, on the other hand, played in the sand as though she were relaxing on the beach!!

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{sara} said...

Cute pics! We've never been there, just might have to go sometime.